As the pressures of life grind harder and harder and freedom glides across the sky toward the setting sun, yield not to the oppressive heat of the day; take heart in the promisee of tomorrow, succumbing not to the grind pressers that feed on the weakened prey. via Daily Prompt: Succumb          … Continue reading Succumb

Hard Days

The hard days can be the most victorious if I persistently try to break the shell that encases truth. Three of my effective keys are humility, honesty, and self reflection. HOME    


To trust requires that I confidently take the trusted into my “space” and allow her or him to roam unmonitored.  In the first few decades of my life, it was relatively easy to do so.  Over the years, I have come to accept that the uncertainties of life nullify any confidence in trusting others.  Now, … Continue reading Trust


The light hits the surface only in your presence. It bounces off and lands on its target. It illuminates, Bringing sweet vibrations rhythmically as it flows Over the smooth landscape That has been, is, and always will Be illumined by your rays. HOME