Another day dawns!  Alarm clock!  Traffic!  Work, the place to earn a living to sustain life.  Time ticks by.  Hour after hour you push on, focused to meet every deadline. Bathroom breaks more infrequent.  Lunchtime.  What's that?  Eat at your desk to gain more time. Time for what?  To get more done. The work piles as … Continue reading Overworked


What’s gone never leaves; it fades in the background; hangs around in memory in past seconds, minutes, days, years, eons, but is never gone. Yesterday passes into today; today passes into tomorrow.  Can today exist without yesterday, or tomorrow without today?  I say, none can exist without the other.  So I posit, nothing is ever … Continue reading Gone

Another Year

What's in another year?  12 months from January to December as we now record it.  More holidays for merrymaking. More birthdays to celebrate. More TIME to...... I say, let's make time for Love, Gratitude, Gratefulness, Mindfulness, Respect, Tolerance, Patience...... You get where I'm going. Let's simply be stewards of this planet and all therein as … Continue reading Another Year

Weekend Respite

Weekends are precious – I can sleep late, read at my leisure, contemplate life without time constraints, et cetera.  You get my drift!  That's my weekend philosophy, in a nutshell – indulge in self, not selfishly but introspectively.  I wonder why we spend so much "busy" time running hither, thither, and yon; looking for this … Continue reading Weekend Respite