As the pressures of life grind harder and harder and freedom glides across the sky toward the setting sun, yield not to the oppressive heat of the day; take heart in the promisee of tomorrow, succumbing not to the grind pressers that feed on the weakened prey. via Daily Prompt: Succumb          … Continue reading Succumb

Embrace the Self

The hours seem to dwindle with each passing day.  Sixteen hours now seem like fourteen or even twelve.  Insufficient time to do what has to be done in a day.  We steadily work at what's at hand; we focus to get it done; then move on to the next thing.  One by one we get through the … Continue reading Embrace the Self


As I travel the roads along life’s journey, I try each night before I sleep to reflect on the day’s experiences.  To me, living is a series of processes that require continuous improvements.  Day in, day out, I move through these processes, knowing that the end result of each experience produce nothing more than what … Continue reading Stop!


Rivers meander from their origin, bringing life to lands extending from their embankments.  Sister Rain dutifully replenish their reservoirs drop by drop -- rivers flow, rain falls, and all is well!   Not so, as the Earth beneath our feet quakes, rainfall diminishes, brother Sun bakes the land, vegetation withers, all things are changing, making … Continue reading Devastation