Peace, Grace, Love

May we be attuned to the “voice” of the Indwelling Spirit as we journey along life’s pathways! May we have Peace in the midst of turmoil! May our needs be met and our desires not weigh heavy! May the Gift of Sleep be granted! May Grace embrace us! And above all, may Love enfold us … Continue reading Peace, Grace, Love

Spiritual Intervention

Human rubble overwhelms the soul.  Piles and piles of waste mount as if on a garbage heap.  When will the horrors end?  When will the atrocities stop?  When will we see the image of the Divine within ourselves and in each other?  All our differences are similarities in reverse.  All is one and one is … Continue reading Spiritual Intervention


Whom can I ask to pay life forward?  Where can I go to plead my case?  Is there an echo chamber in which I can bespeak my needs for tomorrow?  By which media do I make my request? Through the media of prayer and meditation I bespeak a place at the Universal altar of life.  The … Continue reading Bespoke


You ascend as the wave upon the seashore. As you rest on the sand, it drinks the sweet nectar of your form.   It sinks deeper and deeper.   Another breaks. The breathing stops to absorb the new wave.   Once again, it feels the essence of your nectar permeating its soul.  HOME