Our Sustainer

The brilliant light of our Sustainer shines through the southeastern room as I roused from my dream world yesterday morning. As I left my home the morning before, its light permeated the mist across the open field. I stopped in reverence, knowing that without its presence we are no more. Day after day, we take … Continue reading Our Sustainer


Forgiveness, the forerunner of Mercy, is not easy to acquire. Twin sisters so far in the distance; they are shrouded in mist. Their essence seems to fade in daily encounters, often overlooked when most needed. Their mother, Love, weeps intensely as she looks on in dismay, wondering why her abundant generosity is not wholly embraced. So … Continue reading Mercy


The mangrove nestles the fish. The safety of the home comforts the human and nurtures the offspring. The building blocks of twigs house the chicks of our winged cohabitants of the earth. Relish the comfort of home -- embrace that which nestles the body, promotes the freedom of thought, and contains them within. And so the nest … Continue reading Nest