I’m drawn into conversations about FORGIVENESS quite frequently.  So lately I‘ve decided to inquiry what it means to my compadres.  I found a consistent theme running through the responses, LETTING GO OF THE HURT! To my follow-up question--"how do you let go?--the common response has been, "I don't know; I just do and know that … Continue reading Forgiveness

The Narrow Pathway

  Find your center, your internal place of perfect quietude, and there you will find love, tranquility, and peace. From there you will be stabilized, firmly rooted in the Source, the Divine Essence, the breath of Life!  The journey begins anew now. Take time to realize yourself, for self-realization is the key to unlocking the … Continue reading The Narrow Pathway


"Be still and know that I am God", Psalm 46:10 KJV, is extremely relevant in today's world.   We are constantly attempting to multi-task, to squeeze one more minute out of the hour, to reach for more and for better. In so doing, from my experience, this culture, this way of living, is moving us … Continue reading Stillness