To believe in life eternal means that we each have an infinite number of births and deaths.  If one does not remember each preceding life, then one must go on faith to believe such!  A difficult concept for the rationale mind, but what if such is truly the case?  Does the energy within infinity capture … Continue reading Infinite


Loving you is synonymous with pain. I must lay you down as I’ve laid it all down. Piece by piece, I’ll dismantle you Until you’re gone. HOME

Another Year

What's in another year?  12 months from January to December as we now record it.  More holidays for merrymaking. More birthdays to celebrate. More TIME to...... I say, let's make time for Love, Gratitude, Gratefulness, Mindfulness, Respect, Tolerance, Patience...... You get where I'm going. Let's simply be stewards of this planet and all therein as … Continue reading Another Year


The light hits the surface only in your presence. It bounces off and lands on its target. It illuminates, Bringing sweet vibrations rhythmically as it flows Over the smooth landscape That has been, is, and always will Be illumined by your rays. HOME