As the pressures of life grind harder and harder and freedom glides across the sky toward the setting sun, yield not to the oppressive heat of the day; take heart in the promisee of tomorrow, succumbing not to the grind pressers that feed on the weakened prey. via Daily Prompt: Succumb          … Continue reading Succumb


Flee: to run away, move swiftly, fly... Who or what is fleeing and from what?  To flee from danger is a significant survival skill that saves many species, including human beings.  To flee from life, on the other hand, is counterproductive to contributing to our co-existence on Earth.  So stand up and be counted for … Continue reading Flee

My Intruder

You intruded the depths of my sub-consciousness perhaps from eternity. You have now risen like a tempestuous rage to the surface, to a place where I can see you in the distant periphery of my consciousness. Oh how silently you have walked with me.  Now, like my shadow reflecting forward, I see you like a … Continue reading My Intruder


I’m drawn into conversations about FORGIVENESS quite frequently.  So lately I‘ve decided to inquiry what it means to my compadres.  I found a consistent theme running through the responses, LETTING GO OF THE HURT! To my follow-up question--"how do you let go?--the common response has been, "I don't know; I just do and know that … Continue reading Forgiveness