To trust requires that I confidently take the trusted into my “space” and allow her or him to roam unmonitored.  In the first few decades of my life, it was relatively easy to do so.  Over the years, I have come to accept that the uncertainties of life nullify any confidence in trusting others.  Now, … Continue reading Trust


As I travel the roads along life’s journey, I try each night before I sleep to reflect on the day’s experiences.  To me, living is a series of processes that require continuous improvements.  Day in, day out, I move through these processes, knowing that the end result of each experience produce nothing more than what … Continue reading Stop!

Transcend Waiting!

So much of life is spent waiting -- waiting to grow out of childhood into adulthood; waiting to meet miss or mister "right"; waiting on the breaks to achieve our goals; waiting to retire; just simply waiting on someone or something or another! So I say, stop the waiting: seize the opportunities at hand; discern … Continue reading Transcend Waiting!


Rivers meander from their origin, bringing life to lands extending from their embankments.  Sister Rain dutifully replenish their reservoirs drop by drop -- rivers flow, rain falls, and all is well!   Not so, as the Earth beneath our feet quakes, rainfall diminishes, brother Sun bakes the land, vegetation withers, all things are changing, making … Continue reading Devastation