Days of Heavy Burdens..

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With feet planted firmly on the ground, I take my steps each and every day. In my youth, they were from home to school, around and about, then back home. In adulthood, I go from home to work, but not so much around and about, then home. The journey seems measured the same — from … Continue reading Ascend


As the pressures of life grind harder and harder and freedom glides across the sky toward the setting sun, yield not to the oppressive heat of the day; take heart in the promisee of tomorrow, succumbing not to the grind pressers that feed on the weakened prey. via Daily Prompt: Succumb          … Continue reading Succumb

I Strive…

I strive to live in oneness with Nature. The beauty of Her Love can be seen everywhere: In the air: pause and breath deeply. In the sun: pause and feel its warmth on your face. In the sky: pause and look up. In the flower: pause and admire. Let Her beauty permeate your body, mind, and … Continue reading I Strive…