Forgiveness, the forerunner of Mercy, is not easy to acquire. Twin sisters so far in the distance; they are shrouded in mist. Their essence seems to fade in daily encounters, often overlooked when most needed. Their mother, Love, weeps intensely as she looks on in dismay, wondering why her abundant generosity is not wholly embraced. So … Continue reading Mercy

Days of Heavy Burdens..

The burdens are getting heavier so...   HOME

I Strive…

I strive to live in oneness with Nature. The beauty of Her Love can be seen everywhere: In the air: pause and breath deeply. In the sun: pause and feel its warmth on your face. In the sky: pause and look up. In the flower: pause and admire. Let Her beauty permeate your body, mind, and … Continue reading I Strive…

Days Come, Days Go

The days come and the days go.  Many times I feel like I am simply going through the motions.  But then I go to sleep and have the most profound dreams; I awake knowing that my life here is not only about the here and now, but encompasses all that has gone before.  I intuitively … Continue reading Days Come, Days Go