Embrace the Self

The hours seem to dwindle with each passing day.  Sixteen hours now seem like fourteen or even twelve.  Insufficient time to do what has to be done in a day.  We steadily work at what's at hand; we focus to get it done; then move on to the next thing.  One by one we get through the … Continue reading Embrace the Self

Another Year

What's in another year?  12 months from January to December as we now record it.  More holidays for merrymaking. More birthdays to celebrate. More TIME to...... I say, let's make time for Love, Gratitude, Gratefulness, Mindfulness, Respect, Tolerance, Patience...... You get where I'm going. Let's simply be stewards of this planet and all therein as … Continue reading Another Year

Weekend Respite

Weekends are precious – I can sleep late, read at my leisure, contemplate life without time constraints, et cetera.  You get my drift!  That's my weekend philosophy, in a nutshell – indulge in self, not selfishly but introspectively.  I wonder why we spend so much "busy" time running hither, thither, and yon; looking for this … Continue reading Weekend Respite

New Day

Looking toward the horizon to see the end goal can be overwhelming at times.  Frustration, disappointment, et cetera, seep into life.  Inescapably they are part of the journey—from flat tires to broken eggs in the grocery bag.  Nonetheless, we hopefully sleep at night and wake up next morning to a new day! The operative words … Continue reading New Day