My Friend

I gazed at the great blue sky, watching the clouds go by. I wondered who or what sentient beings live in the vast unknown. “Hello my friend,” I said. Mesmerized by the depth of the sky, I held my gaze. In a while, I could sense a piercing "pair of eyes" staring back at me. … Continue reading My Friend

Our Sustainer

The brilliant light of our Sustainer shines through the southeastern room as I roused from my dream world yesterday morning. As I left my home the morning before, its light permeated the mist across the open field. I stopped in reverence, knowing that without its presence we are no more. Day after day, we take … Continue reading Our Sustainer


The mangrove nestles the fish. The safety of the home comforts the human and nurtures the offspring. The building blocks of twigs house the chicks of our winged cohabitants of the earth. Relish the comfort of home -- embrace that which nestles the body, promotes the freedom of thought, and contains them within. And so the nest … Continue reading Nest

Days Come, Days Go

The days come and the days go.  Many times I feel like I am simply going through the motions.  But then I go to sleep and have the most profound dreams; I awake knowing that my life here is not only about the here and now, but encompasses all that has gone before.  I intuitively … Continue reading Days Come, Days Go