Our Sustainer

Misty Sunrise 1The brilliant light of our Sustainer shines through the southeastern room as I roused from my dream world yesterday morning.
As I left my home the morning before, its light permeated the mist across the open field. I stopped in reverence, knowing that without its presence we are no more.
Day after day, we take for granted the bringer, the light giver, of life here on this Earth as it orbits this great giant of fiery gas.
This magnificent cold, dark space in which we live is warmed constantly by our Sustainer, the planet we call the Sun.
I pause each day to pay reverence to the rising Sustainer. In its zenith the warmth of its rays caresses my face, arms, clothes, and then my entire body as I walk the quiet neighborhood adjacent to my work place. I take in its life giving properties, knowing that without its light my light, my life, extinguishes and is no more.

One thought on “Our Sustainer

  1. Real nice poem,the sustainer. Having lived in Holland and the UK and sometimes the misty atmosphere overtook the sky used to make me feel colder than normal…misty morning don’t see no sun ,but I know you are out there somewhere, having fun….

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