With feet planted firmly on the ground, I take my steps each and every day. In my youth, they were from home to school, around and about, then back home. In adulthood, I go from home to work, but not so much around and about, then home. The journey seems measured the same — from home to there or there and back home again.

Then one day it clicked, my inner travels are never the same — dreams are eventful, meditation greatly helps to put the awakened hours in perspective (once I got the hang of it). How was that possible? What about the inner spaces that set things right for me? Well, in short they occur in states of ascension. So I learned that to ascend is the great key which unlocks the doors of my inner worlds. Continuous improvements, therefore, come from study and practice; with that, I squeeze time out of the day to meditate, and I cherish the night for sleep to give myself opportunities to ascend and, with the gift of Grace, expand Consciousness one infinitesimal degree at a time.

Via Daily Prompt: Ascend                                                        HOME

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