I Strive…

637E4C62-F6D7-4DB7-8EE7-A6F5F21704F5I strive to live in oneness with Nature.
The beauty of Her Love can be seen everywhere:
In the air: pause and breath deeply.
In the sun: pause and feel its warmth on your face.
In the sky: pause and look up.
In the flower: pause and admire.
Let Her beauty permeate your body, mind, and soul.
With each conscious pause we take:
Love accumulates; Clarity increases; Truth becomes more evident;
Grace, the regenerative and strengthening influence of Divine Essence, makes her presence known; and Peace becomes achievable in the midst of turmoil.
As we strive to consciously pause each day to live in harmony with Nature, as we encourage each other to pause, the probability of Inner Peace increases.
It all begins with you and me; one conscious pause at a time; day in and day out, strive to achieve oneness with Nature.
As we expand our consciousness, one fraction of a degree at a time, we become agents of change to achieve Peace within ourselves and amongst each other.
I do believe and I strive!                                                                    HOME

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