Embrace the Self

embrace-selfThe hours seem to dwindle with each passing day.  Sixteen hours now seem like fourteen or even twelve.  Insufficient time to do what has to be done in a day.  We steadily work at what’s at hand; we focus to get it done; then move on to the next thing.  One by one we get through the tasks while more and more is slipped to the bottom of the pile; and the pile keeps piling up with no sign of diminishing! 

And as we push forward busily, time passes.  The years seem to be coming and going faster than we can comprehend.  Time seems illusive as the hours move into days…then into years.  Our mental bucket list gets longer and longer as we hope for a future time in which to realize each item or perhaps “dream”, more aptly described. 

Well, it’s all moving too fast!  Tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow may not be as accommodating as today.  So let’s slow it all down and schedule time each day to do something specifically for ourselves – exercise, read, rest, et cetera – whatever that may be!   Just carve out time today to embrace the SELF!


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