As I travel the roads along life’s journey, I try each night before I sleep to reflect on the day’s experiences.  To me, living is a series of processes that require continuous improvements.  Day in, day out, I move through these processes, knowing that the end result of each experience produce nothing more than what I contributed to it – positive, negative, and everything in between!  So every night I STOP and take in my actions of the day, I own them, and commit to making tomorrow better than today.

In contemplation, I “file” things away in my mental tool box; then I rest in the hope of a new dawn in which to be a better person than I was yesterday.


  1. This is something I’ve been doing since a long, long time and it really helps. Just wish everybody took stock of what they did at the end of the day. It would certainly make the world a better place. This blog is a good reminder!


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