The Abyss

celestial-fireworks-nasaWe heap upon our heads spades and spades of dirt, burying ourselves alive.  Deep in the midst of the grave we cry out, but our voices are not heard.  Our call does not reach the surface, but bounces back to the voice box as the survivors suffocate in the abyss.  To find our way out some must sacrifice skin and bone to tunnel out of the mire, the murky mire created by the intelligentsia of today and yesteryear.

We shall crawl and dig, dig and crawl to the farther side of the underworld wherein we are beneath the great big sky.  We are now in a place where the Sun doesn’t shine.  Where the Moonlight dims as it fades behind the clouds.  How do we make it out?  Will we come through this rubble and surrender to Peace?  This mighty forerunner of all that is good and wholesome in our universal sphere suspended in place by the gods of gravity whose hands tire not throughout eternity.


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