Mother Earth

motherearth-nasaSorrow fills my being as I observe the abuse of Mother Earth.  Dreaded sadness permeates my soul as I pray for her relief.  Inner Peace lay as a solid foundation for the pillars of sorrow that spring from her soil.   Her seeds are dying; their blood run in her streets.  Deep it flows to her center as she weeps.  Tears rain from her Sister Sky in sympathy.  I feel the vastness of her pain as I merge with her.  How will she cope as we march forth?
How will she deal with the contamination of her essence?  Come join me in prayer to seek relief for her.  Together we can embrace and exhibit love as Providence manifests love within our hearts.  With the most precious gift of Will, let us choose to exercise Mercy and exemplify Wisdom.  Let us trade violence for Peace.  For in Peace we’ll know the essence of our most benevolent Mother Earth!


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