This and That!

maryland-dec-2013-259Life’s mostly about denial.  Excuse after excuse, reason after reason; they all become acceptable.
She is this because of that; he is that because of this.
What’s this?  What’s that?  This is that!
No, it isn’t because it’s this and not that!  It can’t be this because it must be that!
This and that will soon come to light, “they” tell us.
So we continue to wait for this to be that while:
Spring becomes summer.  Summer slides into fall.  And fall changes to winter.
In winter we still look at this and that not knowing which is which.
And our Light grows dimmer as the mighty Sun of Life fades beneath its horizon.
Still this remains this, and that is that.
As yet another new Sun rise in its East to be greeted by this and that!


  1. So true. So often we expend so much time and energy on things that in the final analysis, isn’t really worth the thought process. We must learn to better assess the things we chose to give thought and input to.

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