My Intruder

intruderYou intruded the depths of my sub-consciousness perhaps from eternity.
You have now risen like a tempestuous rage to the surface, to a place where I can see you in the distant periphery of my consciousness.
Oh how silently you have walked with me.  Now, like my shadow reflecting forward, I see you like a lighthouse in the foggy night.
I must deal with you reasonably as you go before me in your resurrection and walk ahead like a living corpse.
My intruder, you have awakened, like death, to claim your prize.
But your prize is bemused, baffled by your eternal quietness.
I welcome your presence, but seek your love and understanding as I come to know you, my consistent, veiled companion.
You feel like an extension of my being, a part of myself I had never known.
So walk no more in silence; talk with me; tell me why you made my acquaintance.
Enlighten our footpath as we journey together side by side, expanding my consciousness with you now visible within, no longer an intruder, but a living and energetic participant!


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