New Day


Looking toward the horizon to see the end goal can be overwhelming at times.  Frustration, disappointment, et cetera, seep into life.  Inescapably they are part of the journey—from flat tires to broken eggs in the grocery bag.  Nonetheless, we hopefully sleep at night and wake up next morning to a new day!

The operative words here are “new day”.  Each morning ushers in another day to see things anew; as sure as the Earth rotate toward the Sun the morning brings daylight after night.  The adage “sleep on it” comes to mind.  All sounds cliché!  Perhaps, but take some time to contemplate your role in your ups and downs.  Take hold of how you travel life’s journey, and acquire the necessary “tools” to manage the mechanics of body, mind, and soul.  Work on improving life continuously with honesty, diginity, and integrity—moment by moment, day by day, year by year—and the bumps smooth out.  It’s all in how you interpret and internalize life!


3 thoughts on “New Day

  1. This reminds me of something a friend would say to me. She would say “And this too will pass.” It always made me laugh…and she was right 🙂


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