I’m drawn into conversations about FORGIVENESS quite frequently.  So lately I‘ve decided to inquiry what it means to my compadres.  I found a consistent theme running through the responses, LETTING GO OF THE HURT!

To my follow-up question–“how do you let go?–the common response has been, “I don’t know; I just do and know that I am over it after some time passes!”
The concept of Forgiveness arouses thoughts of the human innate ability to tap into Universal Energy.  This ability raises our consciousness to heights unfamiliar to our earthly existence.  We tap into that Source from our subconscious and mostly don’t think about how we arrive at a particular, internal place–a Forgiving place, a Loving place, a Peaceful place; we simply accept being there!

As I journey through life, I wonder why we seem to arrive at those places from a state of “dis-ease” and discomfort.  Why don’t we get there when we experience calm in our lives?  Why don’t we strive each and every day to align ourselves with this Universal Energy?  This Universal Consciousness which takes us to places of internal balance through our most human abilities to Meditate and Contemplate!  Why not?

One thought on “Forgiveness

  1. Wonderful post! I interpret forgiveness as refusing to let someone or something else have power over you, especially when that person may not care, or may not know they’ve done something to require forgiveness. Why then expend energy? So essentially, I see it as taking back your power for yourself and your healing. As to the question of why we wait until dis-ease, this is a good one. I do not have an answer 🙂

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