bklyn-bg-sept-2013-524“Be still and know that I am God”, Psalm 46:10 KJV, is extremely relevant in today’s world.  
We are constantly attempting to multi-task, to squeeze one more minute out of the hour, to reach for more and for better. In so doing, from my experience, this culture, this way of living, is moving us further away from ourselves. It is disconnecting us from the inner world of silence, the source of imagination and creativity—the place from which we can find solutions to problems, bringing balance into our lives.  
So as I challenge myself to be STILL on a daily basis, I reach out to you to join that challenge:
♥   Take time to search for and come to know that PLACE within where SILENCE prevails and allows the inner you to be revealed—the uninhibited you, the unmasked you.
♥   Take time to COMMUNICATE with self and to know the real YOU!


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