Amber Light

Goodbye, I said, as I descended the stairwell unto the busy street below. I walked for miles and came upon a complex of sandstone buildings. I stepped off the road unto a pavement leading to a narrow pathway. I looked up to my right and there it was... A room on the upper floor, suspended … Continue reading Amber Light

Fire Within

The fire burns like a candle flame deep within my soul. It lights a pathway upon which I must tread without knowing the destination. Step by step I travel on, knowing that the road is enlightened by the fire. This fire burns with a permanent flame. It sheds light on the way ahead, leaving the … Continue reading Fire Within


I sit in silence within myself and wait, without longing, for the blessing of healing. I sink deeper and deeper until I loose the boundaries of my carnal self.  The stillness of consciousness enfolds me. It comforts my soul.  HOME


Trust is an irreplaceable element in the gift of friendship. Every link in the chain is to be appreciated to preserve the values embedded in that gift. To break one link weakens the energy which imbues the fibers of the friendship. Feeling the joy and pain of the other is the bulwark of friendship. Standing … Continue reading Friendship


Life's roadways can be hazy at times. What's unfamiliar becomes familiar. The abnormal morphs into normal. Varying degrees of changing landscapes seem forever looped in the cycles of time. Nonetheless, every end springs to another beginning as time continues onward uninterrupted. HOME

The Rising Sun

The rising Sun offers a brand new day to experience life better than yesterday. Take each experience as an opportunity to learn and grow for they are our greatest teachers. Intersperse with the good are the bad from which we learn some of the most profound lessons about ourselves if only we listen with an … Continue reading The Rising Sun

Hanging in the Void

I slept wide awake, fully conscious of my soul. Hanging in the void between worlds, I wondered: am I alive here or there; or here and there? In a flash, I saw two halves yearning to become one in the brilliance of cosmic stardust rising from the depths of the veiled chasm between the two … Continue reading Hanging in the Void

The Rose

Over the centuries, the Rose has been, and still is, a symbol of many things... To me, it symbolizes the heart. It is the flower and perfume that lies deep within the center of the heart, the Heart of the Soul. In moments of transcendental lucidity a whiff of the Rose can fill the aura, … Continue reading The Rose


They stand majestic, anchored into Mother Earth; nurtured by her minerals, loosened by the Water raining down from the sky. Tall and glorious they cast shadows across the yard. Wind rustling through their leaves, making beautiful music in the Air, registering in the ear. At sunset the blazed colors of yellow/gold enlighten the trees, streaming … Continue reading Emblazed!