Hanging in the Void

I slept wide awake, fully conscious of my soul. Hanging in the void between worlds, I wondered: am I alive here or there; or here and there? In a flash, I saw two halves yearning to become one in the brilliance of cosmic stardust rising from the depths of the veiled chasm between the two … Continue reading Hanging in the Void

The Rose

Over the centuries, the Rose has been, and still is, a symbol of many things... To me, it symbolizes the heart. It is the flower and perfume that lies deep within the center of the heart, the Heart of the Soul. In moments of transcendental lucidity a whiff of the Rose can fill the aura, … Continue reading The Rose


They stand majestic, anchored into Mother Earth; nurtured by her minerals, loosened by the Water raining down from the sky. Tall and glorious they cast shadows across the yard. Wind rustling through their leaves, making beautiful music in the Air, registering in the ear. At sunset the blazed colors of yellow/gold enlighten the trees, streaming … Continue reading Emblazed!

Remnants of Tiredness

I awake feeling tired, wondering why it is so. I closed my eyes, gazing through my eyelids. There I see in the distance, a beautiful, misted tropical mountain range. As I drew closer, my sight was blessed to behold a wondrous tropical paradise of a serene lake; its banks are lined with brilliantly colored flowers. … Continue reading Remnants of Tiredness


I hear these phrases frequently: it’s my truth; that’s your truth...  I’ve found this concept interesting for quite some time. Recently, I’ve been mulling it over. If truth is subjective, then how can it be truth? How can it be the perception in the mind of the beholder? If each individual can conceive her/his own truth, … Continue reading Truth?

Call to Spring

They stand bare to the limbs with their clothes resting lifeless beneath their trunks. Cold air caress their nakedness, making evident their hunger for the warmth of the Sun. Their silent call to Spring echos through the aether, revealing resilience as a testament to the innate knowledge that Time will give birth to new clothing, … Continue reading Call to Spring

Morning Rise

I rise from the night’s rest as the Sun brings the new day. It’s Sunday morn and all is quiet! The moment is ripe for meditation as the world around me seems to pass the time away in sleep. With fingers off the keyboard, I’ll sit back to settle into a state of quietude; with no … Continue reading Morning Rise

The Glory of God

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. (Psalm 19:1 (KJV). Sunset from Sans Souci, St. George's, GRENADA, Caribbean HOME

My Friend

I gazed at the great blue sky, watching the clouds go by. I wondered who or what sentient beings live in the vast unknown. “Hello my friend,” I said. Mesmerized by the depth of the sky, I held my gaze. In a while, I could sense a piercing "pair of eyes" staring back at me. … Continue reading My Friend